A Holiday Gift Guide for Beer Lovers

As we roll into the last month of the decade, we can finally clean up from our no-shave-November scruffiness. You wanted to trim it, but you’ve made it so far, you know, for the cause you care about. Retail outlets are tossing extra commercials our way to make up for the shortened shopping season between Thanksgiving and Christmas. And move over Disney+ and Netflix, the real holiday movie war is between Hallmark and Lifetime. 

It’s the holiday season, y’all!

Someone fetch my eggnog, because we need to spend hours scouring the Internet for those special gifts for our friends and family. Whether you’re a Black Friday person, an opt-outsider, or a let-me-pass-out-on-the-couch-and-watch-the-NFL person, we a have a few gift ideas for you to make your search a little easier. 

We’ve gathered a few favorite gifts perfect for beer lovers all made by independent, small businesses. And no, let me stop you right there, we are not including our top pick for a beer advent calendar. 

#1 Craft beer adult coloring book

Price: $11

This book is for the ladies in your life who do not need beer to be mansplained. They know a lot about beer already and you want them to celebrate that. This Boozy Craft Corner adult coloring book written by Sabrina Rain Grimes pays homage to women and craft beer and certainly not for the kids. Gift this as a stocking stuffer or white elephant alongside a tasty beer. 

Buy it here

Be sure to check out Sabrina’s other Instagram account @BoozyGIFs. Her GIFs range from $5-$35 and can be done with lettering, a photo, or hand-drawn. These make a unique digital gift fully personalized for those friends and family you may not see over the holidays.  

#2 letterpress City Coasters

Price: $16
Do you have friends who still use those generic coasters they bought at a discount at Target and IKEA? Oh, but they match the doilies! How about you upgrade their coasters to something more artful and fun. They always talk about that time in Savannah or that trip to Nashville. Why not give them a token to remember that crazy time in Athens, GA? 

Letterpressed on recycled pulp, these coasters are made by Natalie at @NattyMichellePaperie and are the perfect hostess gift for holiday parties.

Buy them here

#3 Round Trip Trucker Hat

Price: $25

The concept of this gift is simple: folks need a hat to put on their head. This hat is a Richardson Low Profile Trucker hat with the Round Trip logo stitched on the front. Be among the first to show their support for Round Trip Brewing Company. Includes shipping and tax.

Buy it here

#4 501 Questions: A travel game

Price: $14

In an age when more people spend more time living inside their telephones, I often wonder if people have forgotten how to have real conversations with people. Well, encourage your friends to put down their phones and pick up 501 Questions: A Travel Game to learn how to engage in dialog again.

Would You Rather: Find yourself standing in a flock of butterflies or swimming in a bioluminescent bay?

If You Could: Take a round-the-world trip, what would be the first country you’d visit on each continent?

Witten by Lindsey Nubern of Nuventure Travels, this book is great for getting to know people, dreaming up your next trip, or avoiding awkward silence at holiday gatherings or long road trips.

Buy it here

#5 armchair adventure kit  

Price: $35

Everyone’s got that one friend, right? Needs a little adventure in their life, but isn’t really going anywhere far. This kit is perfect! Featuring a Memobottle flat *ahem* water bottle, adventure toy, and the coolest temporary tattoo you’ve ever seen, this gift is sure to bring a little joy to anyone! Find it at

Choose between the Boat, Duck or Frog! 

Buy it here

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