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Gizza Pils

5% ABV | 22 IBUs

This easily crushable Pilsner is packed to the brim with Motueka hops hailing all the way from the South Island of New Zealand. With slight hints of lemon & lime, this beer is sure to brighten up your mid-day smoko or any late nights with your hard case mates. It’s never a bad time to demand ‘GIZZA NUTHER ONE, CUZ”.

Golden Hour

6% ABV | 25 IBUs

Originally the post-shift lager for the Ruhr Valley industrial worker, this deep golden lager is slightly heavier than a typical lager but light enough to quench your thirst after a hard day of work. The smoked malt and yeast add complex, peat-like flavor and finishes with a biscuit malt character and a slight sweetness. After a long day, reach for a Golden Hour. You deserve it.

Brave Noise

4.5% ABV | 0 IBUs

Brave Noise is a collaboration with Notch Brewing and the brewing collaborative working to create a safe and discrimination-free beer industry. Brave Noise is a Hazy Pale Ale dry hopped with Sabro Cryo and Mosaic and fermented with White Labs London Fog. The result offers tangerine, honeydew, lime, and coconut flavors.

Provenance Porter

8% ABV | 30 IBUs

Rich, smooth, and an impressive balance of coffee and a Baltic Porter. Provenance Porter is a cold aged for months and then infused with beans direct from the Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia and roasted by Docent Coffee in Atlanta. The resulting blend provides the perfect bitterness and a robust flavor ready to keep you warm and awake through the colder months.


5% ABV

Seductive. Smooth. Delicious. Kirschwasser Cherry Seltzer tempts you with its fruity aroma and subtle, yet complex body fermented with pureed cherries and Champagne yeast. Be lured with a kiss of cherries then be completely taken by Kirschwasser’s glamour and grace.

Thai Chili Lime

4% ABV | 5 IBUs

Don’t get worked by this Spiced Berliner Weisse when a riptide of tart, citrusy flavor hits the lips. After being soured in the kettle with lactobacillus, Thai Chili Lime is then boiled with lime peel and lime juice and aged using dried Szechuan peppers, whose heat compliments the lime and lactobacillus. It’s fresh, zesty and easy-drinking allowing you to hang loose with every sip.

Theresa’s Meadow

4.3% ABV | 12 IBUs

Our gift to Princess Therese, this traditional hefeweizen is made with malted and unmalted wheat with a touch of German hops. The result is light and crisp with a subtle tartness and a moderate ester profile of banana and clove from fermentation. It’s an appropriate tribute to the scientist and travel writer, Princess Therese of Bavaria, whose marriage prompted the celebration on the fields of Theresienwiese (Theresa’s Meadow) that became Oktoberfest.

Smokin’ Translator

7.9% ABV | 19 IBUs

There’s something about the Smokin’ Translator’s subtle, sweet smokiness that makes your adventures more striking. Blending styles common in Bamberg and Munich, smoked malts from Weyermann Malting in Bamberg provide the base for this smoked doppelbock. This beer is a nod to Rahr & Sons Brewing’s doppelbock in Texas for which our owner won several medals.


7% ABV | 72 IBUs

We aggressively hopped this West Coast IPA with a perfect marriage of American and German hop varieties giving it a hop-forward clean malt profile. You will obsess over this beer in the way your admirers are captivated with your charm, intellect, and haute couture lifestyle. They want to be with you; they want to be you.

Dunkel Platz

5% ABV | 18 IBUs

This dunkel has a strong malty backbone derived from Munich and Crystal malts balanced with German noble hops. Step inside, step inside.

Straight Outta Munich

5.6% ABV | 21 IBUs

Straight Outta Munich is an Export Style Helles with lightly kilned malts and German noble hops.
Word to the Münchner, straight outta Munich. Damn this beer is dope.


4.5% ABV | 40 IBUs

The classic pilsner style but make it cute. Aggressive noble hop additions of Tettnang and Select hops take the traditional lager and makes it so extra. This hoppy lager contains multitudes.

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