Beer Flight Podcast: Elsewhere Brewing

Before planting roots down in one place, Sara and Sam Kazmer decided to pack everything in storage and spend time traveling country to country. Their journey to opening Elsewhere Brewing in Grant Park in Atlanta begins in Washington state. But then they traveled around the US, then through central and South America and then through Europe, spending significant time in every location. This is their story. 

Craig and Billy sat down with Sara and Sam to go through their travels as well as their journey into the beer world. 

Part 1: South America: We chat about their journey around Central and South America as well as the challenges of opening a brewery. 

Part 2: Europe: Sara and Sam detail their house sitting experiences, drinking escapades, cultural clashes, and more during their travels throughout Europe. 

Part 3: UK & Ireland: Sara and Sam discuss their escapades in Scandinavia, the UK, and Ireland as they complete their epic year and a half long trip.

Our Guests

Sara and Sam Kazmer

Sara & Sam are the pair behind Elsewhere Brewing in Grant Park, which they opened October 2020 after traveling the world to pursue beer. 

Elsewhere Brewing

Elsewhere’s taproom in Grant Park brings together favorite cultural components surrounding beer. Taking inspiration from beer gardens in Bavaria, pubs in Yorkshire, cafes in Brussels, drinking halls in Prague, and mezcalerias in Oaxaca, the Elsewhere team designed a space that will take you from the daily grind and transport you to a place where the beer is crisp, the food is delicious, and the service is always warm. 

beer we drank


European Pilsner


Dark Czech Lager


West Coast IPA



Dolce de Leche

Cake Stout

Brewery Recommendations

If you get the chance to visit some of the places mentioned in this podcast, Sara and Sam recommend these breweries:

South America