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Dunkel Platz

5% ABV | 18 IBUs

This dunkel has a strong malty backbone derived from Munich and Crystal malts balanced with German noble hops. Step inside, step inside.

Isar Haze

6.5% ABV | 7 IBUs

The morning haze rises along the Isar River as it flows through Munich north to the Hallertau hop region. As the Isar sweeps under the lupulin-producing hop vines covering the bridges and trellises, balance and harmony is achieved. Our ode to the Isar is a harmonious fusion of hefeweizen yeast blended into a hazy IPA using Mandarina Bavaria and Citra hops. The juicy result rings of grapefruit and mandarin orange with a hint of banana and an invigorating finish.


4.5% ABV | 40 IBUs

The classic pilsner style but make it cute. Aggressive noble hop additions of Tettnang and Select hops take the traditional lager and makes it so extra. This hoppy lager contains multitudes.

Resolution Nein

11.5% ABV | 50 IBUs

Toss out those grand illusions of self-improvement after a Resolution Nein, a Champagne Brut Pilsner that blurs the line between beer and Champagne. Combining brewing techniques and ingredients from Pilsner and Brut IPA styles, this beer crosses into the realm of sparkling hard grape juice as if plucked directly from the Champagne houses of Épernay, France. Leave your problems for tomorrow and drink Resolution Nein today. Who needs resolutions anyways?

Straight Outta Munich

5.6% ABV | 21 IBUs

Straight Outta Munich is an Export Style Helles with lightly kilned malts and German noble hops.
Word to the Münchner, straight outta Munich. Damn this beer is dope.

Thai Chili Lime

4% ABV | 5 IBUs

Don’t get worked by this Spiced Berliner Weisse when a riptide of tart, citrusy flavor hits the lips. After being soured in the kettle with lactobacillus, Thai Chili Lime is then boiled with lime peel and lime juice and aged using dried Szechuan peppers, whose heat compliments the lime and lactobacillus. It’s fresh, zesty and easy-drinking allowing you to hang loose with every sip.

Theresa’s Meadow

4.3% ABV | 12 IBUs

Our gift to Princess Therese, this traditional hefeweizen is made with malted and unmalted wheat with a touch of German hops. The result is light and crisp with a subtle tartness and a moderate ester profile of banana and clove from fermentation. It’s an appropriate tribute to the scientist and travel writer, Princess Therese of Bavaria, whose marriage prompted the celebration on the fields of Theresienwiese (Theresa’s Meadow) that became Oktoberfest.


7% ABV | 72 IBUs

We aggressively hopped this West Coast IPA with a perfect marriage of American and German hop varieties giving it a hop-forward clean malt profile. You will obsess over this beer in the way your admirers are captivated with your charm, intellect, and haute couture lifestyle. They want to be with you; they want to be you.

Wingman Theory

6.5% ABV | 25 IBUs

Wingman Theory is a Decocted Maibock brewed in collaboration with our friends at Rahr & Sons Brewing out of Fort Worth, Texas. Decoction is a traditional method involving boiling the mash and adds toasted notes and a red hue to the beer’s color. We used an under modified Pilsner malt from Rahr Malting called North Star Pilsner to mimic the malt brewers would have used when decoction was the norm. Tettnang and Select hops blend into the malt profile by adding a subtle spice and bitterness to compliment the malt character.

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