Beer Flight Podcast: Mexico with Jason Buehler of Denver Beer Co.


On November 9, 2020 we learned of the passing of our friend Jason Buehler after injuries from a climbing accident. He was a friend of our CEO & Head Brewer Craig Mycoskie and one of the finest brewers out there. Our hearts go out to Jason’s family as well as his brewing family at Denver Beer Co. and Cerveceria Colorado.

A few words from Craig Mycoskie:

“I first met Jason while he was at Shamrock Brewing in Pueblo, Colorado. We were both early on in our brewing careers and shared a conversation about educating people on IPA’s, which is laughable now. I followed his career as he moved on to Oskar Blues and eventually working for our mutual friend at Denver Beer Co. Every GABF I would visit each of their facilities and Jason was more than happy to talk shop and just talk about life in general. He was always more than giving with his time and experience and pushed me to be a better brewer and become a judge. Jason had a great palette and would share his thoughts on what he liked and ask how he could incorporate something into what he was creating. He was truly passionate about his craft and how it brings people together. Next time you are in Denver, make sure to stop by Denver Beer Co to enjoy some his great creations.” 

If you have enjoyed Denver Beer Co on a Colorado adventure, consider a donation to support Jason’s family.

Name your go-to Mexican lager of choice – Bohemia, Corona, Dos Equis, Modelo Pacifico, Sol, Tecate, etc., – but can you name a craft beer from Mexico? While still young, the craft beer scene in Mexico is full of passionate, creative, and hungry brewers working to revolutionize the way the world perceives Mexican beer. Luckily for them, they have the advantage of being able to source unique local ingredients including flowers, peppers, agave, chocolate, and more that only grow in the region.

On this episode, we bring Jason Buehler – Head Brewer at Denver Beer Co. & Cerveceria Colorado – to share his experiences and insights on working with Mexican craft brewers and judging beer competitions in Mexico. He discusses the generous hospitality he’s received, friendships developed, unique ingredients discovered, the challenges craft brewers in Mexico face, and more. 

Considered the Mexican Bloody Mary, the Michelada has become a popular drink in Mexico City. The origins of the drink are in dispute. One story points to the Potosino Sports Club in CDMX in 1960s when after a tennis match “El General” Esper Michel asked for a beer with ice, lime, and salt in a chabela-style cup. Other club members started ordering a “Michel lemonade”, or chelada meaning ‘cold one’  and the name was shortened later on to become the michelada. Another origin story says the michelada is a portmanteau or mi chela helada which roughly translates to ‘my ice cold beer’.

Our Guest

Jason Buehler

Jason was the head brewer at the award-winning Denver Beer Co. As head brewer at Oskar Blues, he developed Death by Coconut and other award-winning beers. Denver Beer Co has a companion brewery called Cerveceria Colorado which focuses on celebrating the culture and flavors of Mexico. Because of this, Jason forged many partnerships with brewers and breweries in Mexico City and throughout Mexico.

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Beer we drank

Cerveceria Colorado Venga!

Traditional Mexican Lager is fermented cold with Mexican lager yeast

Arches Brewing Mexican Empire

Vienna lager with malty, nutty, smooth flavor

Round Trip Thai Chili Lime

mexican cerveceria recommendations

Jason Buehler recommends checking out these cervecerias next time you are in or around Mexico City.