Hefeweizen Week

All week long we are highlighting, celebrating, and drinking Theresa's Meadow Hefeweizen because it is such a quintessential German beer, and well, it's perfect for springtime weather.

One of our customers called Theresa's Meadow "one of the best Hefeweizens this side of the pond." And we think the same high praise of our traditionally-made Hefeweizen.

Celebrate happy hour Tuesday-Friday until 6:30pm with $5 pours of Theresa's Meadow Hefeweizen. Pair it with banana bread pudding ice cream infused with Theresa's Meadow from Three Amigos Creamery.

Need beer for the holiday weekend? all six-packs of Theresa's Meadow and all our four-packs are 20% off through Memorial Day.

Hefeweizen Week Deals

Our offering to you to imbibe with us all week is as follows:
  • $5 pours of Theresa's Meadow Tuesday-Friday until 6:30pm
  • 20% off six-packs of Theresa's Meadow and all four-packs through Memorial Day
  • Theresa's Meadow-infused ice cream from Three Amigos Creamery

Theresa's Meadow

Hefeweizen, 4.3% ABV
Our gift to Princess Therese, this true-to-style Hefeweizen is made with malted and unmalted wheat with a touch of Magnum and Tettnang hops. The result is light with a subtle tartness and a moderate ester profile of banana and clove, a perfect refreshment to drink in the sunshine.


Origin of the name: Well, Theresa's Meadow is named for two people/places.

We get the name from Theresienwiese ("Theresa's Meadow"), which is the official grounds for Oktoberfest in Munich. This was a location of the wedding between Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen and King Ludwig I in 1810.
But the name is also an ode to another Princess of Bavaria: Therese Charlotte Marianne Auguste (1850-1925) - an ethnologist, zoologist, botanist, travel writer and leader in social care. She was the first person from the Bavarian royal family to visit the United States, even met President Grant. Therese was very well educated in science and nature, moreover, she was a pioneering figure in women's education, advocate for women's right to education, and she helped established several schools for girls in Bavaria. She focused a lot of her time on social work too! She served as President of the Bavarian Red Cross and even founding the Bavarian Women's Association for Social Work to improve the lives of women and children in Bavaria. Therese was an avid explorer and travelled to Africa, Asia, and South America, even writing a couple books on her adventures.
Therese of Bavaria was a remarkable person we are proud to dedicate our traditional Hefeweizen beer to her.
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