Beer Flight Podcast: Breaking the Ice with Round Trip Brewing

Have you ever been in a situation where you need to break the ice with the people around you? Maybe you’re drinking with strangers abroad or going out to drinks with new colleagues or maybe you want to spice up your conversations with friends. On this episode, we explore five different ice breaker games – that can also double as drinking games – perfect for igniting conversations and a good time.

For the episode, we gather our first four employees – Amy, Billy, Craig, and Mary Beth – so you can get to know the people behind Round Trip Brewing as well as learn a few ice breaker games yourself. 

Ice breaker games

What Crime did you commit?

Why are you being arrested?

How to play

Go around while each person details what crime everyone else has committed. The more elaborate the story, the better.

Two Truths and a lie

How to play

Each person tells two truths and a lie. Everyone gets to guess which is the lie but they can ask questions. The more detailed the lie, the better


How to play

Say a category like “dog breeds” and say how many you can name in the category. Each person has to increase how many they can name until someone calls BS and you name them.

Fives Alive

“Thank you for a lovely game of Fives”

How to play

Everyone shouts “fives alive fives alive” and the guesser shouts a number (0, 5, 10, 15, etc) as everyone shoots either a fist or a five. The results will be a multiple of 5. The guesser silently reads the total and if it add up to what they called out when the fives were thrown, they must say “thank you for a lovely game of fives” with a straight face without celebrating. They then leave the game and everyone has to drink. If they are wrong, they stay in the game, drink, and move to the next person.

Would you rather

Answer the Internet

How to play

Ask the most ridiculous question you can find giving the contestant a couple options to choose from.

our guests

Amy Mycoskie

Amy is a co-founder of Round Trip and oversees everything related to people from hiring to hospitality as well as aesthetic and design of the facility. 

Mary Beth McWhirt 

Mary Beth is the lab tech and bartender at Round Trip. 

Beer we drank

Rahr & Son’s Midnight Cab

Imperial black saison aged in cabernet barrels

New Belgium Sour IPA

Citra dry-hopped hazy IPA blended with wood-aged golden sour

Round Trip Oktoberfest