Beer Flight Podcast: Wisconsin with ProBrew

Wisconsin boasts over 200 breweries, ranking it 15th breweries per capital among all states, according to the Brewers Association. Breweries range from the very large, MillerCoors, to the regional favorites like New Glarus. Even the professional baseball team in Milwaukee is named the Brewers. Wisconsin is proud of their brewing prowess, also cheese.  

On this episode, we chat with Jacob from ProBrew to talk beer and life in Milwaukee and greater Wisconsin. We outline a starter kit for Wisconsin craft beer as well as offer up travel tips when planning your beer tour of Wisconsin. 

C.T. Melms is largely considered the first “Beer Baron” of Milwaukee when he became the largest beer producer by 1860 with his lager. Things were going great when in 1869 at the age of 49, Melms pierced his hand with a needle which became infected, likely tetanus, and led to his death. His death, together with the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, led to the rise of brewers like Miller and Schlitz to fill the void. The widow of Melms was forced to sell the indebted brewery to Phillip Pabst of Phillip Best Brewery, which eventually became known simply as Pabst Brewing Company. 

our guest

Jacob Tower

Jacob was a controls engineer at ProBrew, an OEM Brewery Equipment Manufacturer, based in Waukesha, Wisconsin, just outside of Milwaukee. 

ProBrew is part of TechniBlend which specializes in manufacturing liquid processing systems such as for soda and dairy. ProBrew designed and built the brewhouse for Round Trip Brewing.

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beer we drank

3 Sheeps Brewing Cashmere Hammer

Nitro stout that is rich, creamy, packed with chocolatey goodness and an earthy spice that can only come from rye malt

Central Waters Stout

Imperial stout is aged to perfection in oak bourbon barrels

City Lights Coconut Porter

Lip-smacking hints of coffee and chocolate readily move across the tongue as the dark body gives up its aromatic coconut roastedness

Lakefront Brewing Wisconsinite

Made with malted wheat and Wisconsin-grown hops and barley, Wisconsinite™ boasts a malty-sweet body and fresh-baked bread flavor

New Glarus Spotted Cow

This farmhouse ale is fun, fruity and satisfying. You know you’re in Wisconsin when you see the Spotted Cow

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