Dog Days of Construction

Since we last updated you on our brewhouse’s arrival, we’ve been powering through the dog days of summer and the daily grind of construction. The good news is we’re making tremendous progress on the brewery becoming a reality. The construction team at MSI are working on the more tedious tasks including scraping the drywall, painting, electrical wiring, lighting installation, and more. The team is grinding the drains and smoothing the floors of the taproom and event space. That’s roughly 6,000 sq ft of floor – or two tennis courts – to be polished and finished.

In the taproom, we picked a dark gray granite to serve as our bar surface. We measured the specific dimensions and are preparing for installation. Our taproom tables – which we are really excited about – are scheduled to be delivered in the coming days. We have plans for the entrance and façade of the building which we plan to unveil on our social channels in the coming weeks.

Ultimately, beer finds its way to the same place: the bathrooms. The bathrooms are starting to resemble something of a comfortable place to conduct business and gossip. They now have walls, counters, lights, and soon will be tiled and have the toilets installed. Come for the beer, but don’t forget to visit the bathrooms.  

The brewhouse is nearly there, but we are waiting on a few more pieces to arrive before final assembly. This includes the glycol pipes. In the brewing process, glycol flows in insulated pipes to a jacket surrounding the beer in the fermenters and finished beer tanks. The liquid itself is 27°F and the tank automatically calls for it as the temperature of the beer fluctuates. This allows us to produce consistent beers no matter if it is 50°F or 100°F outside.

As construction chugs along, we are thinking about what the customer experience might be like when open later this year. We are investing more in our outdoor space with more beer garden-style tables and more distance between the tables. The outdoor space will have roughly 3,500 sq ft of space and include lighting, heat lamps, and planter boxes to go along with our plethora of parking spaces. There will still be the indoor taproom and can expand seating in the event space to insure extra space between groups of people. We want your brewery visit to be as safe and comfortable as possible.

Lastly, we stocked our Souvenir shop to include a new navy blue shirt and our first branded pint glass. We offer flat rate shipping and a big smile when you visit the brewery wearing your new shirt.

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