Wrap on Construction

As we comb through the taproom lighting fixtures for dead lightbulbs and marking the columns where the TVs will be mounted, it dawns on us how far we have come over the past year. Just a week prior we did not have our own power and we were flushing the toilets for the first time.

A year ago in November, construction unofficially began when crews began tearing into the floors to repair and replace the piping and plumbing. Had things gone flawlessly, construction would have wrapped up in Spring and the brewery would open in Summer. That was the goal.

Then 2020 came at us hard with a global pandemic, economic turbulence, and a very uncertain future. We had some tough conversations, but we resolved to keep grinding and take the project one week at a time. Working with our contractor, Morrison Shearer Inc, and other suppliers we adjusted our timeline and protocols for the safety of the workers. Doing so meant construction had shut down for a period of time and then resume at a slower pace.

Some days we would arrive at the brewery to see very cool things happening like our barn doors in the event space getting installed or the painting of our logo mural. Other days it looked like nothing was happening like twisting wires or patching old holes in the façade. But each project big and small meant we were making progress.

how it started
how it started

how it’s going how it's going

For every step of success with the buildout, we had a step backward in getting there. Sometimes it was conflicts with scheduling, or the wrong shipment arrived, or a machine not working quite right, or a call from a bank, or an unexpected cost.

Despite the challenges and setbacks, construction of our initial build out is complete and we are moving on to the next phase of preparing to open. To all the construction workers, delivery drivers, painters, electricians, pipers, plumbers, tilers, supervisors, carpenters, and other specialists that helped build this brewery, we offer a very sincere thank you.

There is still more work to do before we open, including brewing the first beer line-up. We have to arrange the taproom furniture, install bar appliances, arrange the outdoor beer garden, set-up the entertainment equipment, and so much more. We will announce our official open date once we have all the proper permits and licenses in hand.

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