Craig celebrating the trench dig

The Build Must Go On

Like many of you, most of our business has been conducted at home until we are no longer grounded. We have kept busy moving the brewery along and, where possible, drinking other people’s beer. Construction did slow the past couple months and we have made adjustments to our initial plans and timelines. That said, we’re happy to return with an update on our buildout progress on Round Trip Brewing.

From the windows to the walls

To give the brewery eyes, we cut a couple holes in the bricks for more natural lighting and visibility. The facility’s facade features two giant windows allowing you to see directly into the brewhouse and clearly see a couple tanks. Anyone have 25 ft long Venetian blinds they’re not using? Or shutters for that matter? 

The wall framework and drywall has gone up bringing to life the blueprint for the different rooms of the brewery: brewhouse and production, taproom, event space, bathrooms, cooler room, and more. Our bar is arranged so we can serve both the taproom and the private event space at the same time. The taproom also has a window to the brewhouse so you can enjoy our beer and watch us brew the next batch…or take selfies. 

Down to the Floor

As we dug into the existing production floors to repair and replace the plumbing, we discovered our floors were very thick in places. Instead of the standard 18 inches, we found areas around the brewhouse where the floors were 4 to 5 feet deep. “We’ve never seen floors this thick before” said our construction team. This presented several challenges but we were able to dig out the affected areas to install the proper drains. The drains exit the facility and go through a flume where pH and output are measured for city compliance.  

The production floors were then refilled with concrete that sloped to the drains for ease of cleaning, making happy brewers! Finally, the floors were smoothed over and finished with a sealant to keep the floors protected.

Up next on the docket is to finish all the electrical and wiring. We also are gearing up to install the brewhouse equipment as well as lighting throughout the building.

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