Mriya: A Beer to Benefit Ukrainian Refugees

To help support Ukrainian refugee efforts, we have created a beer to honor the brave people of Ukraine with the proceeds to benefit those most vulnerable: orphaned and fostered children of Ukraine.

‘Mriya’ is a a dry-hopped Kristallweizen made with Sybilla hops from Poland for a herbal, floral finish.

“We’ve been heartbroken by the events in Ukraine and want to help somehow. My Polish ancestral pride set in watching refugees make their way over the Polish border, and this inspired us to source Polish ingredients for the beer. We teamed up with the Polish Club of Atlanta to find the ‘Happy Kids’ Foundation, and we’re happy to support their mission with the sale of Mriya.” said Craig Mycoskie, CEO and Head Brewer here at Round Trip Brewing.

The ‘Happy Kids’ Foundation is an organization based in the City of Łódź, Poland helping to evacuate and resettle children from orphanages and foster care. Information on the Happy Kids Foundation, including ways to donate, can be found on their web site.


To Dream is not harmful

To Dream is important

Label artwork for Mriya features a painting from Ukrainian-based artist Oleksandra Chorna. The artwork depicts the airplane named ‘Mriya’ that was the world’s largest aircraft before it was destroyed in the battle of the Antonov Airport.

The Ukrainian phrase on the artwork translates in English to “To dream is not harmful. To dream is important”. The artwork and the aircraft inspired the name for the beer: Mriya, which translates to ‘dream’ in English.

myira artwork

Mriya Kristallweizen

‘Mriya’ (5.2%, 27 IBUs) is made with MaltEurop 2-row and White Wheat then we dry-hopped Sybilla hops from Poland for a floral finish. Using Polish hops is the closest ingredient we could get to Ukraine and we found it fitting since Poland has been ground zero for refugee aid and resettlement.

Mriya Kristallweizen is a limited release available on tap and in six-packs to-go only from our taproom starting April 15.

can and label


About Happy Kids Foundation

Happy Kids Foundation is an organization with over 20 years of experience. Their name references the message of Janusz Korczak: "Without a happy childhood, the whole life is crippled." They run 17 family orphanages, where they take in abused and neglected children with traumatic experiences. This form of care allows the structure of the biological family to be preserved, but at the same time represents a new quality. They use the word quality consciously, to emphasize the value of their activity, which is not only to give children decent living conditions, but, above all, the feeling that they are important, needed and loved. At this point in time, they took in 142 children, including 17 with disabilities. Happy Kids deeply believes therapeutical value of love! They have 17 family orphanages and they regularly open new Homes for more children to experience Love and Family.

The Polish Club of Atlanta is currently collecting donations in the Johns Creek area and will be present on Johns Creek International Day on April 30th with Polish Food, Deserts, and huge hearts supporting the fundraising.

If you are interested in donation, they can either accept a check (a designated account is being created for all the funds we received so far) or cash. If you are interested in tax deduction, they ask the Polish Club of Atlanta to process your donation. All the donations will be directly sent to the bank account of Happy Kids in Poland, so no extra charges are being paid for the transactions and processing fees.

Direct Donation

About the polish club of atlanta

The Polish Club of Atlanta is an organization focused on providing the Polish community of Atlanta with cultural education like our Polish School and our folk dance group. We are an apolitical group however with recent events we are compelled to help the organizations that are providing care in Poland in any way we can.




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